Boat furniture

Boat furniture


At OK Joinery, we specialise in Bespoke Boat Joinery, Woodworking and Carpentry to repair, alter and fit out Narrowboats, Canal Boats, Widebeams and Dutch Barges. If you are fitting out a new canal boat or maintaining an existing narrowboat you need to be able to find suppliers who specialise in narrowboat furniture. With OK Joinery, you can be sure to find something that will suit your lifestyle as well as offering practicality, style and comfort by considering traditional features such as stoves and boatman’s cabins. The quality and unique details of the interior fixtures and fittings makes your boat “a cut above” the rest.
Why choose us? We build your boat. Designed from the inside out, we are committed to delivering high quality narrowboats and widebeams furniture to suit various budgets. We offer our exceptional and experienced service to all our customers with guidance on the hull all the way through to the interior layouts and designs.
Please see some examples of our favourite Boat, Caravan & Motorhome projects that we have created & fitted below.

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