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Wooden office locker vs steel locker: the advantages of wood

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Wood or steel – it might be a conundrum which you come across if you are in the business of procuring lockers for your workplace or facility. In this blog, we make the case for wooden lockers, giving you some reasons why in many ways, they can be considered a better choice than steel varieties. Read on!

Greener than steel?

You should remember that wood which is responsibly sourced counts as a renewable resource. As wood is purchased and used, it should be replaced, and with the planting of new trees, we can increase forest cover and do our bit for the environment in the process.

The health benefits of wood?

Research (https://woodforgood.com/news-and-views/2014/05/15/wood-construction-reduces-stress-and-offers-a-healthy-living-environment/) has found that being around wood – whether in the workplace or at home – is good for you! It has been discovered that wood can help to decrease stress responses, bring down your heart rate, and encourage people to interact. What’s not to like?!

Easy to clean and maintain

It seems likely that if you are installing lockers, they are going to be in regular use. That’s where the helpful properties of wood come in, giving you a surface which is easy to clean with just some wood cleaning spray and a cloth. Forget about needing to use substances such as ammonia or vinegar to get that pristine look. The same principle applies to bespoke kitchen worktops!

Natural beauty

In many ways, wood is so much more aesthetically pleasing than metals – offering a richness, homeliness and natural elegance to an interior space.

Are you convinced yet? If you have your own idea on how wood can be incorporated into your locker design, take advantage of bespoke lockers from OK Joinery. Or perhaps you’d be interested in our bespoke office desks range?

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