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Safety Lockers – 5 key facts for safe installation

Installing bespoke lockers is not a complicated task. If the installation is an office locker,  a gym locker or a locker changing room environment the rules for the installation remain exactly the same.

The vast majority of our personal storage options are manufactured in the UK and are made from wood and ready assembled or are pre drilled in the manufacturing process , to make installation on site easy and straight forward. To make life a whole lot easier we have created our safety installation guide for locker rooms in the UK.

Installation safety notice

Increase stability

Warning! Fatal injuries can occur when heavy duty lockers fall over. Lockers should always be secured to ensure stability.

Qualified Person

We recommend that installation is completed by fully qualified contractors who are public liability insured and adhering to good health and safety practices to minimise risk of injury to themselves or others.

Fitting nests of 2-3 lockers

The floor must be in good condition and level. Single locker nests should be fixed by their backs to a wall with steel brackets or any other approved fixings. Walls are built from a large variety of materials,  fitting workplace lockers successfully depends on choosing the right fixing for each situation. You should always use a power detector device to check for hidden pipes and wires.

Fitting larger runs of lockers

Runs of wood lockers should be fixed together side-to-side with internal threaded M4 screws and then fixed back to a wall, just like single locker nests. Alternatively they can be fixed together back to back to another run of lockers, using steel jointing plates and screws.

Locker stands & seats

Lockers mounted on stands or seats should be fixed down to the stands and seats, as well a side-to-side and back to a wall or other run of lockers, if necessary. (see above)

Should you need any further help or guidance with your wooden locker installation, then please do not hesitate to contact Ok Joinery Ltd for guidance on our website.


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