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Most hygienic work surface for your office desk

In today’s circumstance we are interested in how can we can stay safe and protect ourselves from viruses such us COVID-19, especially in the office where we spend most of our working hours.
It is doesn’t matter whether we are working remotely at home or in the office, sat in front of a monitor at our bespoke office desk, the reality is that many beautiful materials, including wood and MFC are porous. Bacteria can flourish in the tiny recesses on these surfaces when they find exactly what they need food, moisture and a comfortable temperature. To further minimize the presence of harmful bacteria, viruses and other less desirables, like fungus and mold, we recommend non-porous office worktops for your office furniture.
As we mentioned in our previous blog, the best work surface for office furniture is the High Pressured Laminate (HPL) . However it matters which HPL you use, at Ok Joinery we use antibacterial HPL for our bespoke office furniture.
What is meant by an antibacterial HPL office desk?
In general, all HPL is inherently hygienic due to the density of its surface and its ease of cleaning. Our HPL work surface is extremely hygienic, so much so that it can be found in food preparation areas, NHS hospitals, schools and dentists. Our work surfaces have a special innovative structure providing anti-bacterial protection. This is microbiologically tested and uses silver ions to inhibit bacterial growth and reduces the quantity of bacteria by 99%.
Our work surfaces have:
– Impact resistance
– Scratch resistance
– Light fastness
– Ease of cleaning
– Heat resistance ( up to 180°C))
– Extremely hygienic
– Suitability for contact with food
If you need high quality hygienic furniture for your office, Ok Joinery can provide. We can create office worktops, built-in office furniture, bespoke office desks, office furniture that are often not available in other office furniture retailers and that do not break your budget. Contact us today to discuss your bespoke office furniture requirements.

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