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How to decide on choosing the perfect kitchen island for you

At the heart of any home is the kitchen. And at the center of the kitchen, the kitchen island. A kitchen island can be an excellent addition to enhance a bespoke kitchen. They allow for additional functions, style, storage, and seating to the kitchen space.  Kitchen islands come in many different varieties, so choosing the type that is best suited to the customer’s needs is very important. You should consider the available budget, the design and space within the kitchen, and the desired function of the island. OK Joinery offers bespoke kitchen islands that meet customers’ individual needs, making that ideal kitchen that has always been envisioned a reality.
1. Floor Plan
The floor plan of the kitchen should be able to accommodate a kitchen island. U or L shaped kitchens allow for an effective kitchen island that does not impede foot traffic or the flow of the kitchen.
2. Style
The surrounding kitchen design and the function of your kitchen island should determine the style of your bespoke kitchen island. The island should complement the surrounding kitchen and should have the same overarching design as the kitchen worktops, table, and cabinets. Take a look at our bespoke kitchen furniture here.
3. Triangle
The kitchen triangle consists of the imaginary lines that connect the fridge, stovetop, and sink together in the kitchen. This triangle should not cut through the kitchen island by more than a foot, as it could interrupt the flow of work in the kitchen.
4. Extras
Integrating useful extras such as electrical outlets and appliances will improve the functionality and usefulness of the island.
Once you choose the perfect kitchen island, why not explore the bespoke garden furniture OK Joinery can offer?

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