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Why choose to have bespoke kitchen furniture for your home ?

There are many benefits and advantages to choosing bespoke kitchen furniture for your home, instead of the many pre-packaged designs. Let’s take a look at some of the best ones.

Unique design

Many people now want to own something that is unique to them. A custom-made kitchen is an ideal statement to show how different you are. Every piece of furniture can be 100% reflective of your personality and creativity.

Better quality

An artisan joiner or craftsman has a greater level of experience and skill than factory machinery. They can use better quality materials that are more durable and robust than factory-made furniture.

Perfect fit

Even though many kitchens have similar dimensions, your use and vision for the space is completely unique. With bespoke kitchen worktops and furniture you can place units, storage and machinery exactly where you want it. You can fit the furniture around washing machines, fridges etc, rather than vice versa.


With bespoke furniture, you can be as creative or basic as you wish. If you want something functional and no-frills that simply fits the space, you can do it. If you want it to be ultra-modern, classic, rustic or shiny, you can do that too.

Using or creating spare space

You might have a space in your kitchen that would be ideal for storage, but you can’t find any pre-made furniture to fit it. With bespoke kitchen furniture, you can easily design and create something to fit into that wasted space. On the other hand, pre-made furniture and units can often take up more space than you need. Installing custom furniture can actually free up room so that the kitchen feels less cluttered.

Personalised storage

Different people have different storage needs in the kitchen. Some people keep footwear or outdoor clothing there, while others prefer a wine rack. Bespoke furniture means that you can personalise storage to your own desires.

Interior design

Custom furniture means you can incorporate the finishes, colours and materials that you truly like. So your kitchen will look coordinated and also fit in with the ambience of your whole home.

Choosing bespoke kitchen furniture for your home has many benefits compared to factory-made versions. Contact us at OK Joinery to see how we can help make your dream kitchen a reality at an affordable cost.

Is it time to upgrade your leisure centre?

If you have been tasked to redecorate a leisure centre or spa with a limited budget, it can be hard to determine what changes to make that will have the most impact. Below we offer some top design tips to ensure you create the best spa and leisure centre possible.

1. Think about your guest journey

While having a clean, well-designed pool area is important, you must also consider other aspects . For example, a clean pool area will mean nothing if your guests have to change in out-dated, grubby changing rooms. Bespoke lockers are not only functional, they also look incredibly aesthetic, and can ensure that from the start of their experience your guests are in a pleasant environment.

2. Utilise your outdoor space

Many spas and leisure centres are surrounded by stunning scenery but fail to properly utilise their outdoor area. Bespoke garden furniture can create attractive seating areas for your guests in warmer weather and encourage them to explore the grounds of the facility. Adding a spa day can help guests relax even further.

3. Consider how you can add extra value

When redesigning a spa or leisure centre, think about how you could add extra value to the facility. For example, if the leisure centre has a café that makes poor sales, consider revamping the kitchen area and menu to serve health-inspired meals. Bespoke kitchen worktops can help refresh a kitchen area and make it more functional, without needing to completely redesign the entire space.

If you think any of the above tips could help your leisure centre or spa, contact Ok Joinery today! We provide bespoke joinery services you can rely on.

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