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The benefits of having bespoke kitchen furniture

Do you own a business with a dated kitchen? Does it need a complete refurb? If you have your heart set on a new modern kitchen that is not only practical but stylish, you need to consider a bespoke kitchen. Below we explore the benefits of bespoke kitchen furniture.

Built to your exact needs

A bespoke kitchen is made to your exact needs and will fit the intended space. You can choose the size of your units, where to place them, and how many worktops are needed.

Use all the available space

All space is utilized in bespoke kitchen design. There are no unsightly gaps as everything is made to measure, ensuring it fits perfectly. What you end up with is an incredibly practical and user-friendly kitchen.

Exclusive designs

If your kitchen is going to be on show to the public because it is in a restaurant or cafe environment, then it needs to look the part. You will be able to choose the colour, finish, and materials.

Expertly made

Ultimately, your bespoke kitchen will be built to last. Years of craftsmanship and skilled expertise go into making bespoke kitchen furniture.

Maximise storage space

The real beauty of a bespoke kitchen is that it can be made with a wide variety of storage options, keeping your worktops free from clutter.

Here at OK Joinery, we are bespoke kitchen experts. We can make everything from kitchen units to bespoke kitchen worktops. To learn more about how we can help you and your business, simply get in touch with us today.

Time to refurbish your gym before reopening.

ok joinery As a provider of regular exercise and sport facilities you are more than aware of the impact that Covid-19 has had on a person’s regular leisure activity and their access to state of the art facilities. During the present circumstances the public have been encouraged to take regular exercise, so hopefully you should discover a knock on effect with an increase in activity when you re-open. In addition, the situation gives you an opportunity to reflect upon the quality of your present provision.
OK Joinery Ltd are available to discuss any adjustments to your provision or any refurbishment that you may be considering.
Do you need to consider the appearance of your reception area to your customers ?
We can offer advice on reception furniture, desks, storage and other bespoke items.
Do you need to consider the appearance of your changing rooms ?
We can offer advice on improving the appearance of your facilities and on how you can best utilise the space available.
Do you need to consider the appearance of your lockers ?
We can offer advice on improving the appearance of your lockers as well as provide alternative solutions and bespoke designs.
OK Joinery can help you at every stage of your project, including 3D visualisation
How to contact us www.okjoinery.co.uk 

See our new lockers here https://www.okjoinery.co.uk/z-lockers-2/

Work portfolio https://www.okjoinery.co.uk/work-portfolio/

Do you need bespoke lockers at an affordable price?

May 31, 2020


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Bespoke furniture is sometimes considered a luxury and many people assume that it will be too expensive. But instead of heading straight to your local flatpack furniture store to find something that will suffice, don’t rule out bespoke furniture just yet. When it comes to a project such as installing lockers in a public facility, bespoke lockers offer many advantages. You can achieve a design to suit the shape of your room and make sure that no space is wasted.

That’s why we’ve introduced our new range of Z Lockers, which are affordable but still offer all the benefits of bespoke furniture, being both adaptable and fully customisable.

What can Z Lockers be used for?

The sleek and modern design of our Z Lockers makes them the perfect option for a variety of settings. From hotels and workplaces to schools and leisure facilities, these bespoke lockers can be adapted to fit any space. Each locker comes with a hook inside, label fitter and lock so there is no need to purchase additional hardware. A Z Locker also allows clothing to be hung, perfect for offices, where employees need to hang shirts and do not want their clothes to become creased.

What makes the Z locker bespoke?

We know that it can be hard to create a plan for your storage space or locker room without having the actual furniture in front of you. To make the process easier, prior to building your lockers we create a 3D render of the space to give you a clear idea of how they will look when the project has been completed. This will enable you to play around with the design and layout in the design phase, to make optimal use of space and get the best final result.

It’s all in the name

The innovative Z shape design means there’s plenty of internal space for storing clothing and personal effects and the individual units can be slotted together to offer a larger amount of storage space in a small area. Each unit measures H: 2100 x W: 800 x D: 450mm.

Adaptable design and layouts

Instead of finding lockers to try to fit your space, with bespoke lockers, it’s the other way round. The removable plinth makes it easy to customise the design of your bespoke lockers, from built-in lockers to a design that incorporates lockers and a bench.

Your choice of colours and materials

With Z Lockers you have complete freedom and you can choose your preferred material and finish. As well as MDF and laminate, we also offer a fire-safe material, as well as soft close hinges. Choose from sleek white for a gym or bright primary hues for a school or sports team locker room. Upmarket establishments such as hotels and spas may prefer a warm wooden finish to give a sumptuous look and create a luxury feel.

At Ok Joinery Ltd, we provide bespoke office furniture UK-wide, including bespoke garden furniture, bespoke kitchen furniture and more. Contact us today for an informal chat about your requirements.

Most hygienic work surface for your office desk

April 28, 2020


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In today’s circumstance we are interested in how can we can stay safe and protect ourselves from viruses such us COVID-19, especially in the office where we spend most of our working hours.
It is doesn’t matter whether we are working remotely at home or in the office, sat in front of a monitor at our bespoke office desk, the reality is that many beautiful materials, including wood and MFC are porous. Bacteria can flourish in the tiny recesses on these surfaces when they find exactly what they need food, moisture and a comfortable temperature. To further minimize the presence of harmful bacteria, viruses and other less desirables, like fungus and mold, we recommend non-porous office worktops for your office furniture.
As we mentioned in our previous blog, the best work surface for office furniture is the High Pressured Laminate (HPL) . However it matters which HPL you use, at Ok Joinery we use antibacterial HPL for our bespoke office furniture.
What is meant by an antibacterial HPL office desk?
In general, all HPL is inherently hygienic due to the density of its surface and its ease of cleaning. Our HPL work surface is extremely hygienic, so much so that it can be found in food preparation areas, NHS hospitals, schools and dentists. Our work surfaces have a special innovative structure providing anti-bacterial protection. This is microbiologically tested and uses silver ions to inhibit bacterial growth and reduces the quantity of bacteria by 99%.
Our work surfaces have:
– Impact resistance
– Scratch resistance
– Light fastness
– Ease of cleaning
– Heat resistance ( up to 180°C))
– Extremely hygienic
– Suitability for contact with food
If you need high quality hygienic furniture for your office, Ok Joinery can provide. We can create office worktops, built-in office furniture, bespoke office desks, office furniture that are often not available in other office furniture retailers and that do not break your budget. Contact us today to discuss your bespoke office furniture requirements.

Wooden office locker vs steel locker: the advantages of wood

April 14, 2020


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ok joinery

Wood or steel – it might be a conundrum which you come across if you are in the business of procuring lockers for your workplace or facility. In this blog, we make the case for wooden lockers, giving you some reasons why in many ways, they can be considered a better choice than steel varieties. Read on!

Greener than steel?

You should remember that wood which is responsibly sourced counts as a renewable resource. As wood is purchased and used, it should be replaced, and with the planting of new trees, we can increase forest cover and do our bit for the environment in the process.

The health benefits of wood?

Research (https://woodforgood.com/news-and-views/2014/05/15/wood-construction-reduces-stress-and-offers-a-healthy-living-environment/) has found that being around wood – whether in the workplace or at home – is good for you! It has been discovered that wood can help to decrease stress responses, bring down your heart rate, and encourage people to interact. What’s not to like?!

Easy to clean and maintain

It seems likely that if you are installing lockers, they are going to be in regular use. That’s where the helpful properties of wood come in, giving you a surface which is easy to clean with just some wood cleaning spray and a cloth. Forget about needing to use substances such as ammonia or vinegar to get that pristine look. The same principle applies to bespoke kitchen worktops!

Natural beauty

In many ways, wood is so much more aesthetically pleasing than metals – offering a richness, homeliness and natural elegance to an interior space.

Are you convinced yet? If you have your own idea on how wood can be incorporated into your locker design, take advantage of bespoke lockers from OK Joinery. Or perhaps you’d be interested in our bespoke office desks range?

Safety Lockers – 5 key facts for safe installation

April 10, 2020


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Installing bespoke lockers is not a complicated task. If the installation is an office locker,  a gym locker or a locker changing room environment the rules for the installation remain exactly the same.

The vast majority of our personal storage options are manufactured in the UK and are made from wood and ready assembled or are pre drilled in the manufacturing process , to make installation on site easy and straight forward. To make life a whole lot easier we have created our safety installation guide for locker rooms in the UK.

Installation safety notice

Increase stability

Warning! Fatal injuries can occur when heavy duty lockers fall over. Lockers should always be secured to ensure stability.

Qualified Person

We recommend that installation is completed by fully qualified contractors who are public liability insured and adhering to good health and safety practices to minimise risk of injury to themselves or others.

Fitting nests of 2-3 lockers

The floor must be in good condition and level. Single locker nests should be fixed by their backs to a wall with steel brackets or any other approved fixings. Walls are built from a large variety of materials,  fitting workplace lockers successfully depends on choosing the right fixing for each situation. You should always use a power detector device to check for hidden pipes and wires.

Fitting larger runs of lockers

Runs of wood lockers should be fixed together side-to-side with internal threaded M4 screws and then fixed back to a wall, just like single locker nests. Alternatively they can be fixed together back to back to another run of lockers, using steel jointing plates and screws.

Locker stands & seats

Lockers mounted on stands or seats should be fixed down to the stands and seats, as well a side-to-side and back to a wall or other run of lockers, if necessary. (see above)

Should you need any further help or guidance with your wooden locker installation, then please do not hesitate to contact Ok Joinery Ltd for guidance on our website.


Ok Joinery support NHS workers in Worcestershire

April 1, 2020


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ATTENTION – For parents working for NHS Worcestershire. Ok Joinery Ltd will give a FREE birdhouse kit to any family with an NHS worker. We understand it’s hard to entertain the children indoors, especially when a parent is alone. Kits will be delivered and supplied in flat pack. Children will need to nail it together and paint it.

Ok Joinery supplied more than 100 birdhouse kits for NHS workers across the country, and we are continuing run this project. Please see what NHS staff saying about this idea:

“Wow what a wonderful gesture my daughter would love this. I am a Nurse, currently working in the community.” A.S.

“Ah that’s amazing! I work for Worcestershire Health & Care and my little boy would love this! Thank you for such a kind offer!” K.S.

“I’m a NHS nurse at Worcester Hospital and my little girl loves watching the birds in the garden. She would love this.” M.W.

“My daughter is 9 and she would love this. Such a lovely thing to do”  M.H.

“Yes please! I am an NHS nurse working on front line this would be much enjoyment for us all.”E.W.

“Yes please. My daughter would to do this with my husbands help while I’m at work. It will be very thereauptic for them. In fact I would love one myself to do after a shift to chill and relax and think about nothing” E.A.


PLEASE SHARE this post to help hard working parents at this difficult time. If you know NHS staff around you that would benefit from this offer, please let us know.


Different types of lockers for schools and offices

March 19, 2020


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Different types of lockers for schools and offices

Just because something is functional doesn’t mean that it has to be ugly. Lockers are a great storage solution for any public space in which people need to keep their belongings safe. From schools to country clubs, offices to gyms, lockers fulfil a vital role. Unfortunately, all too often they can ruin the look of a room by clashing with the surroundings. Luckily, the days of one size fits all locker design are over. At Ok Joinery, we offer a wide range of aesthetically pleasing bespoke lockers that will fit seamlessly into any space. Here are just a couple of the many options on offer.

Wooden lockers

There’s nothing wrong with a traditional steel locker, but what if you’re going for a more refined look? For a classier feel, we’ve got a range of wooden lockers that will add a touch of elegance to any upmarket office or high-end health club.

High security lockers

If your main concern is security, we can put your mind at rest with our super safe heavy duty wire mesh and school lockers. These are a perfect choice for the storage of valuables in public areas. For extra safety, we can even install electronic locks as well as traditional bolt locks.

We want you to get exactly what you want, which is why we create a preliminary 3D render of the room to help you visualise how the new lockers will look. Why not have a browse through our Pinterest gallery and see if anything takes your fancy?

We do a lot more than just lockers. From bespoke garden furniture to bespoke kitchen tables, we’ve got everything you need to add a uniquely personal touch to your home or business. We’re always happy to answer your questions so give us a call on 01562540204 or email orders@okjoinery.co.uk to get the ball rolling.

Tips to reduce Coronavirus cases in the office.

March 13, 2020


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The rapid spread of the coronavirus and the illness it causes called COVID-19 has sparked alarm worldwide. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared a global health emergency. The UK has recorded its biggest daily increase in coronavirus cases.

We have heard about hand gel and washing your hands frequently.

But what else we could do? Let`s talk about germs first.

Did you know? The average desk contains 400 times more germs than a toilet seat. Research revealed that more than two thirds of office workers are at risk of sickness due to dirty desks.

They found the average sneeze or cough can send around 100,000 contagious germs into the air at speeds up to 100 miles per hour. These germs can carry viruses, such as Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), influenza etc. So the main mode of transmission is respiratory droplets.

It might also be possible to catch COVID-19 by touching a surface where the virus has recently landed and then touching your mouth, nose or eyes.

Clean office worktop with the right cleaner detergent

First of all it matters what kind of desk you use in your office, and this can be the base point. A lot of the cleaning contractors are afraid to use chemicals on furniture. The reason is simple, they think the desk will get damaged. It’s actually true. The cheapest desks are often  made from melamine faced boards(MFC) , that are not really designed for office worktops, as  it is possible to damage with chemicals. The material that is designed for work surface is high pressure laminates (HPL). HPL is resistant and hygienic and dense surface. The surfaces are generally easy to clean and resistance to chemicals. So when you planning to purchase office furniture the first think you need to check is it made from MFC or HPL.

Clean mugs properly

Offices mugs can look unsavoury very quickly, particularly if you don’t have a dishwasher. How about that mould growing on the coffee dregs in a long-abandoned mug? Simple rinsing may not remove a colleague’s germs. And the outside surface of the mug could become contaminated by their hands. If they had COVID-19, you could get their germs.

Open plan offices

Open-plan offices are so visually distracting and noisy that people can’t concentrate. They allow germs to spread which can result in greater absenteeism and huge reductions in overall productivity. It`s not easy to keep germs from spreading in the open office environment.

 Modular pods

Architects have designed a series of modular pods that are a mix between an open desk cluster and a cubicle: each pod fits a small group of desks ,belonging to one team. The walls around the cube have inset panels to keep germs from spreading between teams and create more visual privacy as well. It’s simply too expensive for most companies, especially startups.

Bespoke office desk

The bespoke office desk is the most effective alternative to keep germs away. Your employees will love being in the office, with the high level of comfort that they get from bespoke furniture. The design fits everyone’s requirements. A bespoke office desk can be fitted with an  office screen as a barrier to sound and help to reduce the spread of germs. Bespoke office worktops can be made from HPL.

Work at home

You need to stay healthy; there can be an option to work at home or you are willing to stay home when you are sick anyway. It is important that sick workers stay home, not only for their own health, but to prevent spreading germs among otherwise healthy workers in the office.

Ok Joinery can design manufacture and install built-in bespoke office furniture and bespoke office worktops for your spare room or any room in your home.

Take a look below at previous examples of our work:

Folding desk in the conservatory

Bespoke office furniture

Why choose to have bespoke kitchen furniture for your home ?

February 9, 2020


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There are many benefits and advantages to choosing bespoke kitchen furniture for your home, instead of the many pre-packaged designs. Let’s take a look at some of the best ones.

Unique design

Many people now want to own something that is unique to them. A custom-made kitchen is an ideal statement to show how different you are. Every piece of furniture can be 100% reflective of your personality and creativity.

Better quality

An artisan joiner or craftsman has a greater level of experience and skill than factory machinery. They can use better quality materials that are more durable and robust than factory-made furniture.

Perfect fit

Even though many kitchens have similar dimensions, your use and vision for the space is completely unique. With bespoke kitchen worktops and furniture you can place units, storage and machinery exactly where you want it. You can fit the furniture around washing machines, fridges etc, rather than vice versa.


With bespoke furniture, you can be as creative or basic as you wish. If you want something functional and no-frills that simply fits the space, you can do it. If you want it to be ultra-modern, classic, rustic or shiny, you can do that too.

Using or creating spare space

You might have a space in your kitchen that would be ideal for storage, but you can’t find any pre-made furniture to fit it. With bespoke kitchen furniture, you can easily design and create something to fit into that wasted space. On the other hand, pre-made furniture and units can often take up more space than you need. Installing custom furniture can actually free up room so that the kitchen feels less cluttered.

Personalised storage

Different people have different storage needs in the kitchen. Some people keep footwear or outdoor clothing there, while others prefer a wine rack. Bespoke furniture means that you can personalise storage to your own desires.

Interior design

Custom furniture means you can incorporate the finishes, colours and materials that you truly like. So your kitchen will look coordinated and also fit in with the ambience of your whole home.

Choosing bespoke kitchen furniture for your home has many benefits compared to factory-made versions. Contact us at OK Joinery to see how we can help make your dream kitchen a reality at an affordable cost.

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