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April, 2020

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Most hygienic work surface for your office desk

In today’s circumstance we are interested in how can we can stay safe and protect ourselves from viruses such us COVID-19, especially in the office where we spend most of our working hours. It is doesn’t matter whether we are working remotely at home or in the office, sat inRead the Rest…

Wooden office locker vs steel locker: the advantages of wood

ok joinery

Wood or steel – it might be a conundrum which you come across if you are in the business of procuring lockers for your workplace or facility. In this blog, we make the case for wooden lockers, giving you some reasons why in many ways, they can be considered aRead the Rest…

Safety Lockers – 5 key facts for safe installation

Installing bespoke lockers is not a complicated task. If the installation is an office locker,  a gym locker or a locker changing room environment the rules for the installation remain exactly the same. The vast majority of our personal storage options are manufactured in the UK and are made fromRead the Rest…

Ok Joinery support NHS workers in Worcestershire

ATTENTION – For parents working for NHS Worcestershire. Ok Joinery Ltd will give a FREE birdhouse kit to any family with an NHS worker. We understand it’s hard to entertain the children indoors, especially when a parent is alone. Kits will be delivered and supplied in flat pack. Children willRead the Rest…

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